Hello, my name is Faye Hartley-Youens and I am a clinical hypnotherapist, I believe that each and every person that comes to see me has all of the resources that they need for SUCCESS. I work with the sub-conscious mind to help YOU discover these resources.


However you found your way to this page, you are here because you are looking for change of some description.  If you are unsure of what that change looks like right now I can help you become clear on what it is you really WANT, what has been stopping that from happening up until now and how we can achieve it.

Working within the realm of PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE, I focus on four main areas:

  • Sports performance

  • Business performance

  • Dance/Arts  performance

  • LIFE performance

If you are interested in a specific area of PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE please refer to that page in the menu above for more detailed information.

What is clinical hypnosis?

Rather than being a mystical phenomenon, hypnosis is something that we experience on a daily basis. If you ever wondered where the last 10 minutes disappeared to while driving, or how quickly time passed while watching a movie or even the realisation that you have completely zoned out of a conversation you are having. These are all experiences of hypnotic trance.

Within the realms of Clinical Hypnotherapy we see inducing a hypnotic trance as a way of bypassing our conscious critical thinking mind and accessing our subconscious mind. Now this is where the MAGIC really does happen! The capacity of our subconscious mind is virtually limitless and it is here that the majority of our change work within hypnosis and NLP takes place. The subconscious is more receptive to acceptable beneficial suggestions, and in this state the senses are heightened and mental absorption is increased.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, in its simplest form concerns itself with the connection between how we think, how we talk and how we behave. There are many NLP techniques which achieve startling quick results by altering that relationship. We are utilising these NLP techniques to alter our perceptions of a problem and in turn change our behaviour to a more resourceful one, eliminating the problem.

Why choose Faye?

Faye is dedicated and passionate about helping people to lead their best possible life. Consolidating an educational background in psychology with mastery level hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, Faye has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals, conquer your fears and lead the life you dream of.

Believing strongly that each individual has all the resources they need to address, accept and conquer their issues Faye facilitates effective change by creating a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Faye practices a results focused approach which considers the HOW you are doing your problem rather than the WHY you are doing it. If you have a broken arm your concern should be about taking measures to fix your broken arm not analysing why you broke your arm in the first place.

Faye is certified with the following qualifications:

  • Psychology BA (hons)

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Diploma of Modern Hypnosis

  • Diploma of Modern Psychology

  • Diploma of Life Coaching

What happens next?

Within our work together the focus will always be solution-based. That means rather than a counselling or analytical approach the focus will be on problem solving and establishing a well-defined outcome.

We typically begin with a complementary telephone consultation, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have as well as to confirm that hypnotherapy is the right option for you. This is followed by an initial 2 hour face to face consultation, at the conclusion of this session we will decide on further sessions or follow up support.

Hypnosis is used in conjunction with other cognitive, and behavioural techniques, which just means looking at, and if necessary changing, how you think, and what you do around the problem.

There are times when I seem to be able to help people when nothing else seems to be working, and sometimes our work is done in only one session together. Having said that though, other times, there is more work for us to do. On occasion I cannot help at all. If I do not think I can help you I will let you know and, if I can, refer you to someone who might be able to. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and my approach is always a collaborative one.

You should expect to benefit from the first initial session you have with me. Our contact will therefore vary to suit your needs especially if they include ongoing personal development, have long term goals or a list of things you wish to change. It is always made clear in the first session how long I expect things to take.

If you wish to rapidly change unwanted behaviours, gain confidence and motivation, release your fears and achieve your physical and mental potential then I can show you how.

All enquiries are treated in total confidence.