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Illana Collins

Faye has been incredible helping me with my stunts and acting journey. She’s done some amazing hypnosis and I’ve had work opportunities come up afterwards nearly every time. I felt the clearing hypnosis to be very powerful! And I’m looking forward to working with her more to bring all of my manifestations into fruition :)

Dave Turnbull

My son is 10 and a good young athlete. The problem is he puts a huge amount of pressure on himself and expects himself to be perfect. According to him, we can't make mistakes. Faye has helped him to understand that making mistakes is part of a learning process and has helped him immensely at such a young age to see things very differently. I can't thank her enough. Oh and my son thinks hypnotherapy is so cool :)

Lanne Thomas

If you are reading the reviews, you are trying to solve an issue w hypnosis or alt therapies. Stop googling - start booking Faye! I felt a lil silly, to say the least, booking a hypnotherapist, but was running out of ideas to try! Faye is exactly what was needed. She is so warm and kind. She makes you feel at ease throughout the process. I’d say she is a magician but she is actually professional, educated and intuitive. I got more out of just three sessions, than I have in years of seeing therapists. I am forever grateful for the exceptional experience and kindness. Stop reading reviews and make a booking!

Ailish Ryan

Faye has really helped me to become much more confident in all of my performances and in my general ability as both a singer and violinist. She is always so kind and compassionate and she has helped me feel much more comfortable onstage in general. My performance anxiety is so much better now! I have always loved performing and now I can enjoy it so much more and be totally present in the moment. I can finally look back on my performances and feel proud, Because I can say that I did the best I possibly could. Thank you so much Faye!

Alison Welke-Towner

I personally highly recommend Faye from Mind Performance Excellence. I have been to a couple of sessions at Mind Performance Excellence and Faye has really helped me with both confidence and clarity with my training as well as professional development.
Not only have I been able tackle and complete a full Olympic Distance Triathlon without having the fear of the water consume me, I have also been able to make some life changing career choices with confidence in my ability.
Thank you so much Faye!

Ebony Sherriff

I found Faye very easy to talk to and knowledgeable. She helped me regain my confidence around riding horses and I feel like a different person since our appointments. I would have no hesitation recommending Faye.

Natalie Daggar

I cannot recommend Faye highly enough! My husband and I have both been for her sessions and she has found and fixed blocks that even we didn't know we had. We went in with one thing in mind and she has helped with so much more. Faye is extremely professional and puts you at ease straight away.

Aimee Fletcher

I want to see Faye to gain clarity and de clutter my head. This was my first ever experience with hypnosis so I was nervous but open to the process which I believe is key. She managed to create a space in my head and help clear out the clutter. I now have a special place I can retreat to in my head when I feel overwhelmed and it’s working. Thank you Faye. An amazing modality to try and be open to.

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